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  You put your home on the market and it did not sell! 

You may be very frustrated because your home did not sell.  You may be feeling like no one understands your frustration. But we do understand. We sell homes other agents could not and did not sell. This means we get to hear your frustrations as many sellers share similar frustrations and anxiety with us when they meet with us. 

What Do You Expect from Your Agent to Get Your Home Sold?

  • Using Proven Pricing Strategies 
  • Applying Marketing Strategies which Actually Work 
  • Getting Your Property in Front of the Right Buyers Through Laser Focused Target Marketing 
  • Analyzing and Adjusting Marketing to Resonate with the Current Market Conditions

                 Pricing Strategies Will Make or Break Your Opportunity to Sell Your Property

According to the National Association of REALTORS® : "If a house was on the market longer than nine weeks, the asking price was reduced an average of 4 times. Longer than 17 weeks, the price was reduces an average of 17 times."

You may be tempted to price your home higher than the rest of the homes in your neighborhood. And you have good reasons for doing so... your house has more upgrades than the one next door. Your house has a bigger yard, or more square footage, or you have kept it better than others keep their homes. 

While that all makes sense in choosing a price... it can really backfire on you. Another popular notion ( you are not alone) is to test the market with starting higher than the sold properties sold for with the intention of lowering your price when you don't get any offers. 

Typically in this situation you may see a lot of showings and then, suddenly, they taper off and you get no offers. Now you drop your price but those buyers already are thinking in their heads that your price was over market price and they are no longer interested in having a second look. You lost your opportunity. What happens next, is your listing becomes stale on the market and all the agents know your property to be the one that is priced too high. They don't want to show their buyers homes that are priced too high. 

Be Realistic About Your Asking Price...

Buyers don't see your house through your eyes and your emotional attachments. They see the house through their own lens. If you are serious about selling your house you must put yourself in the buyers shoes.  Buyers don't care how much you paid for your house, they only care if what they are going to need to pay for your home and that it is realistic with the market. 

When you price your home too high to begin with when it is fresh on the market, you will find you will be having to lower your price even lower than what the market value is. At the end of the day... you will fall short in your net return. Sellers who don't price according to the market values from the very onset of putting their home on the market will end up losing a lot more money than they could ever gain when their house finally sells. 

If you don't get an offer on your house within the first 30 days of your home going on the market... you have priced it too high.  There are agents who will take your listing for whatever price you want to ask for it... but just because they agree to take your listing does not mean your property will sell. The market decides on your price, not you and not your agent who is just doing your bidding. 

What is your next agent going to do differently than your previous agent?

You may be frustrated with the lack of communication, the lack of planning, the lack of strategic marketing and more... 

We understand the position you are in. We list properties other agents have been trying to sell sometimes for a few years with no results. We are the 007 of real estate. We take out our spy glasses and research all the reasons your property did not sell. One recurring theme is a lack of strategic marketing. 

Enter the 31 Point Marketing Plan: 

Who does your home need to be in front of in order to get sold?  The right buyers! The buyers for your property are not going to be the same buyers for all other properties. When agents just blanket their marketing ~ they are wasting valuable money and time chasing after the wrong buyers. We actually study the demographics and the hot sheet of buyers which we have access to ~ to discover who is your most likely buyer avatar. Then we create a plan of action which will resonate with your most likely buyers. Only then do we start marketing to those buyers. 

 ​To Nestor, Katerina and Staff -- I want you all to know how grateful and thrilled I am with the results of doing business together. Your knowledge and professionalism were way beyond my expectations. I was especially impressed with the comprehensive workup of my property; the attention paid to the entire locale with features,benefits and creating a niche that makes a prospective buyer want to step into! The marketing was spectacular.

Thanks again for every day, every phone call and the best ending to the project. I will be spreading the word.​

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Cathy Krick 

Katerina & Katerina Gasset, Realtors in Palm Beach County

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